Three-Stage Washout:

Improves driver’s ability to produce a range of realistic corners
Allows ropers to practice for every cattle type, from a fresh steer to an older steer, by setting the amount of washout
Allows ropers to train a heel horse to respond to both them and the steer, keeping the horse framed up and in their lane
Collapsible Deluxe Legs:

Produces a more hide-like feel in your delivery
Allows for a more realistic feel from dally to finish
Spring-Loaded Tongue:

Reduces the jerk to the roper’s horse, machine, and driver, while allowing the roper to finish strong to the saddle horn
Machine Suit:

Deadens the initial contact of the head loop to provide a more realistic rope action VS any slipping from the plastic.
Aids in the consistent action of the washout


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