The brand-new TRAINER will be replacing all older versions of the Ground-Driven models. It features a completely new hop sequence that is the EXACT replica of a live cattle in tow and has even been matched correctly to real cattle movements by a mechanical engineer professor from Baylor University. This is THE machine to own if you want PERFECT PRACTICE.

The TRAINER will change the way people rope. Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and that is how the TRAINER was born. “I wanted a machine that wasn’t going to waste my time to get what I wanted out of my practice” states Josh Love, Heel-O-Matic’s General Manager, “Heel-O-Matic has always been a staple in the industry. Everybody knows that Heel-O-Matic means quality. We have been working on the TRAINER for over 2 1/2 years. Ultimately, this new TRAINER matches exactly what you are going to see in a steer.”

The new TRAINER has more movement in the hips and the tail head. That movement matches to what the legs are doing. This machine has a new hop, with a brand-new patent. The patent showcases the hips matching the legs, meaning when the legs are all the way back, the machine is at the top of a hop, and as the legs start forward, the hips come down – just like a real steer.

Another advantage of the TRAINER is it has collapsible legs made out of reinforced foam for a lifelike feel. The legs come together when you dally and with the help of the Spring-Loaded Tongue that comes standard on the TRAINER, you can stretch this machine like you can a real steer. This machine is designed to feel like a live run, it is not something that you can necessarily see until you’ve roped it, then you will be able to feel the actual difference.

The transition from the TRAINER to live cattle is 100% consistent. You want the most out of your practice in the smallest amount of time, and this new TRAINER is going to give you that exact outcome and produce the best results. With the new TRAINER, the way it moves helps you to work on your hand-eye coordination, and the movement and the noise help you to work on your horse at the same time. The new TRAINER is going to give you better results, quicker.


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